"It's not just the food that invites you to return to Dieci, the warm welcome of the staff here gives the restaurant and No. Ten a feel like home that invites you to stay even longer."

"There's also the option to take in the (very tasty) English tradition of afternoon tea. However, at Dieci it's served with an Italian twist."
Hello! Middle East

"The octopus Carpaccio was a thing of beauty"
Mr Hyde

"A truly fabulous meal!"

" Head Chef, Cristian Gaimarri used bold flavours prepared with passion becoming of a man eager not just to indulge the patron but to represent a proud gastronomic heritage."
Spears WMS online

" Well-informed, welcoming staff and tables adorned with fresh flowers made a wonderful first impression and the carefully selected dishes can be described as nothing less than showstopping."
Discover & Escape

"The meal was accompanied by an excelled Pinot Grigio, Italian of course, and by friendly but efficient staff who buzzed happily about like worker bees."
Bristol Post

To make a reservation, please call +44 (0) 20 7317 5928 or email